Ok, We’re Social Distancing… Now What?

The biggest catchphrase of 2020 will probably be  “#SocialDistancing”.

To the introverts of the world, this is the moment you have all been waiting for! For the rest of us, it’s counterintuitive.  I’m a mover and a shaker. Let’s do the things, go to the places, check the things off the list, and… I’m a hugger!

So for some, the kids are off school and you may even be off work (or working from home) for the next 2-3 weeks. This leaves out drop off lines, drive times to and from work, after school/work activities, and maybe even some work meetings – which we are now realizing for the most part, could have been an email!

So instead of laying on the couch, scrolling through social media, thinking about how hungry and bored you are, why not take this chance to get ahead of the game or do things you have been putting off? I mean, we’re certainly not taking this time to do major mall shopping, go to a game, or even vacation.

Like what you ask? What could we do to keep our minds & bodies occupied. Or better yet, how could we help out small or local businesses if we aren’t supposed to be going out to mingle with the masses?  Thanks for asking! I compiled a small list of ideas of things you may claim you’ll “do it later” but really never get around to.

Wanna Help a Small Business, Even Though You Don’t Plan To Visit Anytime Soon?

Buy a Gift Certificate online to use at a later date or even for a friends upcoming celebration. 

It keeps revenue coming in to help ease the financial strain that small business may face. At Remedy we not only have online Gift Certificate sales but online booking as well. You’ll need it during or after this hiatus!  https://RemedyMassageToledo.com

Write a Google, Yelp or Facebook review.

Yup. This may be one of the things I urge you to do most in this blog! Why???  This costs you NOTHING and small businesses depend on these for future business. People just forget to do them when they receive a great service (some only write them when the get poor service).

It’s easy, type Google (or Yelp) review + Remedy Barefoot Massage Studio (or any other business name), on the right you’ll see a star rating system, rate it and give some info on your experience. The more info, the better! This literally goes for any business you have had an interaction with. Think massage therapist, furniture stores, local restaurants, personal trainer, photographer, physical therapist and the list goes on. 

This really does help a small business immensely! Think of 3 GREAT small businesses that you love and want to see thrive, and go review them, RIGHT. NOW.  

Small Business?

Is the business really small? Pop in if you feel comfortable or see if they have availability (PS: YES! Remedy is still open at the time this blog was written).

This weekend I stopped in to a locally owned soap & candle shop in West Toledo (Heyyyy! bbwaxworx.com). I had been meaning to check it out and when I drove by, nobody else was there at the moment. I got great service and some cool new, all natural smellys! 

Get an order to go or via app (I use DeliverToledo)

If you’re in Ohio, this is your new “dining out” option for the next month or so. It stinks but embrace it because there is no getting around it. Don’t forget to tip your driver or carry out person, they are depending on it.

You’ve Helped Your Favorite Businesses, Great! Moving On To Your Home.

I’m personally a minimalist, so I geek out about some of this stuff!

Do a Purge.

#MarieKondo that place! Go through old clothes, shoes, toys & purses, etc. and get it ready for donation. Easter Seals will even come to pick it up by appointment, http://Easterseals.com.  Better yet, sell it on Marketplace or Craigslist.  We all say we’re going to but dread taking the pics and ACTUALLY posting it. What the heck are you waiting for? This is prime time!

Get the clothes off “the chair” or elliptical or wherever they live after they leave the dryer, and get them on to hangers.  You’ll feel like a real live adult after you do this. Promise.


Call (yes call, not text) a friend or two you haven’t spoke to in awhile. They will appreciate you thinking of them and actually reaching out to catch up!

Tax Time; You Ready?

I got mine done last week, but I’m always fearful I’ll forget something. Take this time to get your rear in gear.  Print receipts, gather info, and organize it all together by category. The more organized you are the better off you’ll be!  If you do your own this is the perfect time to get going. If you have a CPA, make the appointment now if you haven’t already.

Clean the spaces you always seem to neglect!

Do a Deep Clean Of Your Place. 

When was the last time you dusted the top of your kitchen cabinets or swept under the couch? Washed your windows inside AND out? How about those screens?

This is the perfect time to wipe all the door handles and highly touched areas such as fridge handles, walls, & even toilet handles. (Ewwww!) Clean the inside of the fridge, oven and microwave from splatter and the coffee maker from build up. (Run vinegar through on brew, you’ll be amazed, you’re welcome). 

Odd jobs, like actually putting up a faceplate covers on your light switches after you painted (yes, guilty!), patching holes, changing light bulbs & filing paperwork that’s laying around.  

Clean out your junk drawer.  Is this just a midwest thing or an American thing to have a junk drawer?  I have yet to meet someone who doesn’t have one so I’m not sure. Anyway, go find some old stuff you’ve been looking for that’s lurking in that ole drawer.

Don’t Forget Your Outside Space.

The snow has long been melted here in Ohio. That means you have no excuse to not clean up your yard. Dog doodoo doesn’t disappear on it’s own!  You may have downed branches and debris that can be picked up, or if you’re like me you have 3,264,979 pine cones everywhere.

It’s also a good time to get up old stagnant leaves and pine needles out of your flower beds to let spring things emerge. Did I mention these are all great chores for kids to get them outside for awhile? 

Take down your Christmas lights. If you’re that person, stop being that person.   

Clean out your car. It smells funny.

Need to get out of the house?

Your dog said they wanted to go for a walk. 

So did your kids. 

Walk your neighborhood and, oh I don’t know, say hello to some neighbors you haven’t yet met! (Just don’t get too close!)

In my neighborhood we have a community area, but even if you don’t, pick up random trash that may have fallen out of garbage cans or ditched on the side of the road. It’s your neck of the woods, so help keep it up!

Just go outside. Everyone needs fresh air!

Pick up running. Couch to 5k (C25k.com )is a great way to get started if you never have.  Essentially it’s running for a couple minutes each day and adding a minute or two every time you go out. 

Get your bike out and go explore different neighborhoods. Look at houses or buildings. You notice so much more when you’re not in a car.

Hit up a Metropark.  If you’re in Northwest Ohio, have you found “the spot” yet? If not, make it a mission to find it.  It’s beautiful! The parks are still open but events have been cancelled. http://metroparkstoledo.com

Myself with my husband and favorite pup, Chase at “the spot”.

Try a new recipe. Time is on your side, do something different! If it doesn’t work out try out that DeliverToledo app 🙂  

Things We Should All Be Doing, COVID-19 Or Not…

Drink more water. Plain old water. That’s it. Most people are dehydrated. This is great for weight loss as well.

Rest. Adults should get 7-9 hours of sleep per night. If you’re not getting that, fill in with a nap. This is the perfect time to supplement your sleep by going to bed earlier, getting up later, or napping.  

Eat Cleaner, more fresh foods high in natural Vitamins and Minerals. Try meal prepping for a couple days out of the week so you are fail proof. It’s easier than you might think! 

Get appropriate vitamins & minerals. Redundant I know, but most Americans lack them because of the foods they eat.  Think about taking some Vitamin C & D, along with Zinc to supplement. A supplement is just that. Food for thought anyway. This is vital in keeping a strong immune system. 

Watch your weight. Track your foods for a week and it will become second nature.  I use a free app called MyFitnessPal and it couldn’t be easier. It’s a definite eye opener when you see what an actual portion is vs what you are eating. A food scale makes this a lot easier. 

Wash your dang hands

Exercise. Plain and simple. Do something at least 30 minutes a day or 3-5 hours a week. At home or a gym. Somebody with less is doing more than you. Excuses are overrated.  

Read. Wether it’s a paperback or audible or iBook. There are free ones, you just have to look under the FREE section. Or the Library will do audiobooks/downloadable books as well http://toledolibrary.org. It can be a fiction to escape reality or delve into a topic that interests you. Just. Read. 

Last but certainly not least, meditate.  I frequently use an app called http://simplehabit.com . They have meditation for almost any scenario in your life. This is so good for your mind in general but, can also help with your blood pressure in stressful situations, it can also aid in better sleep.  

If you feel well, get a massage. It’s relaxing and it’s good for circulation and your immune system.  http://Remdymassagetoledo.com

I hope I have helped give you some ideas on how to stay busy during this crazy time if you’re stuck at home for one reason or another. One thing is for sure, we will never forget this time in history. Let’s do the best we can to do the best we can. Stay well and we hope to see you soon!

In health and laughter,

-Marcy Bowman